Ambiscript fonts are easy to install and use

Ambiscript Truetype Fonts can be easily downloaded and installed on Windows and Macintosh operating systems and used to automatically render IUPAC-encoded genetic sequences in the ambigraphic nucleic acid notation:

  1. Download theĀ DNA_normal.ttf and DNA_bold.ttf Truetype fonts.
  2. Save the files in the system font directory, which can be found in C:\WINDOWS\Fonts for Windows operating systems and Macintosh HD\System Folder\Fonts for Macintosh operating systems.
  3. Create or open a file containing an IUPAC-formatted DNA sequence in MS Word, MS PowerPoint, or a similar text processing application.
  4. Highlight the DNA sequence in your document and change the font to “DNA_normal”, which may appear as a short string of Ambiscript characters in the pull-down font menu. The highlighted text will now be displayed in the Ambiscript notation.
  5. Highlight the Ambiscript-formatted DNA sequence and select “Bold” in the pull-down menu to display the text in the ultra bold Ambiscript font.